Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gordons Go Green

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This week, history was made in Bet El when the Baruch Gordon household delivered a powerful boost towards Israel's Energy Independence. You see, every time I flip on a light or turn on a household appliance, I am handing money on a silver platter right into the coffers of Egypt, Columbia, Russia, South Africa and other nations from whom Israel buys coal and natural gas to create electricity.

That's about to change.

My wife and I signed a contract with the Solar Sphere company to "decorate" our rooftop with solar energy panels which will create green, clean energy and thus diminish our country's energy dependence.  We will soon be producing enough electricity to supply our own house and sell leftovers back to the Israel Electric Company.

Baruch (on left) signing with Yonatan from Solar Spheres

A small group of people from Bet El initiated this endeavor. The group did extensive research and price comparisons over the last few months, and finally pinpointed the company with the best deal. Out of over 1200 families in Bet El, yours truly - the Gordons - were amongst the first ten to sign in.

Video of signing...

It's a win-win deal. The State of Israel wins because it makes the Jewish State less dependent on foreign entities for its energy needs.  The environment wins because Israel becomes cleaner and greener. And the homeowner wins because he makes extra income – no strings attached.

Here's how it works. We will take out what's called a "green loan" from the bank to pay for the purchase of the solar electricity system. From day one, we begin producing electricity and getting income from the electric company. For the first ten years, the income will pay off the loan. Then for another ten years, we just rake in the cash payments from the electric company – a payment equivalent to renting a small apartment.
Usually Zionism involves some sort of sacrifice, but here it actually pays!

Are the solar panels ugly? No way! Not only are they not ugly, but they are in fact beautiful, hi-tech, modern, upbeat, green and cool. They are as beautiful as the Israeli flag.

Note these two conditions: 1) Your slanted rooftop must face south; flat rooftops also work. 2) It must be a private residence. Israeli law prohibits placing solar panels atop apartment buildings.

Right now, only one half of one percent of Israel's energy is produced by clean, green sources (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.). The State of Israel has obligated itself in a pact with the European Union to move 20% of its energy production to green sources  by 2020. So this is the trend of the future.

Now catch this. Having its own energy sources is such a strategic decision for the Jewish State that it is currently subsidizing home owners to encourage them to Go Green with solar panels. The facts: It only costs 40 agurot (0.4 shekels) to produce one KW of electricity from coal. Anyone who signs in the next few months, will be guaranteed 1.67 NIS for each KW of electricity that his solar panels produce over the next 20 years.

In other words, the Israeli government is ready to pay you 4 times what it costs to create electricity from coal, in order to get you to go green. That's the price that I latched into by signing now. This price is locked in place for the next few months, but after that, the subsidy will decrease. So now is the time to Go Green.  Don't wait. The more you wait, the less you make and the longer it will take to pay back that green loan.

Yonatan is the rep from Solar Spheres who worked with me. He and his Israel-based company are doing revolutionary and holy work. When I told him that English-speakers from western countries would likely go for this quicker than Israelis, he got excited and committed to giving a 1,000 shekel discount to anyone who expresses interest through Arutz Sheva.

So, if you are interested, send me an email and I will connect you with Yonatan and the solar panel company that gives the best deal in the country.

Remember. The subsidy is going down. If you hesitate, you will get a lower rate.

Zionist home owners! Act now and together, we will strengthen Israel's Energy independence.

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