Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bet El Drawing Winners To Receive iPad3

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Bet El Activists To Receive iPad3
WE ENCOURAGED YOU, the cream of the crop of young Jewish leadership in New York, to be a part of promoting Bet El by attending its dinner and getting your friends to come.

THANK YOU for being a part of the struggle for a free and strong Bet El.

WE PROMISED to award two iPad2s
(we consulted the winners in January who opted to wait for the iPad3):

1.       To the Bet El Dinner Host who brings the most friends, and

2.       To draw an iPad2 from the pool of Dinner Hosts who got at least 4 people to attend.

Elchanan Romanoff of New York, NY – Congrats on bringing the most friends!

Yosef & Rivky Seewald – Kingsway Jewish Center, Brooklyn. Congrats on the new iPad3!

Knesset Member Ketzaleh and I are coming to NY/NJ on a speaking tour after Pesach. If you can host a Young Leadership event for us, contact me.

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