Friday, July 27, 2012

Arafat’s Death: The Missing Link

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Yasser Arafat, also known as Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, posthumously made headlines earlier this month after his widow, Suha, produced a bag of her late husband’s belongings on which were found traces of radioactive polonium, a deadly poison.

Officially, we were told in October 2004 that Arafat had a bad flu after he vomited during a meeting. His situation deteriorated and Israel allowed him to be flown to the Percy Military Hospital in a Paris suburb. According to the Associated Press, doctors announced a month later at his November death that he suffered from a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation, "although it is inconclusive what brought about the condition.”

But now, seven and a half years later, Suha’s findings have led to demands that his remains be examined to determine if it was the Zionist regime that poisoned him.

"Suha, the Zionists killed me."
Poisoning? How about AIDS?
Haaretz newspaper reported that both Israeli and foreign professors who examined the French hospital's medical report said that Arafat bore all the symptoms of AIDS. But no further evidence of AIDS was offered.

The Missing Link
My very close friend “D” is a service provider near the King David Hotel with many clients who are overseas nationals. “D” is a very friendly person, and people who get to know him tend to bond quickly beyond their business dealings.

Lo and behold, the French Consulate in Jerusalem is located right across the street from the King David Hotel, and a veteran French worker at the consulate is a longtime client of “D”.

The French Consulate in Jerusalem

The consulate worker visited my friend for a business matter and as the two sat, the Frenchman opened up to D saying he had something on his mind.

“At the time of Arafat's death, I was asked at the consulate to single-handedly process all the paper work for his transfer to the Paris hospital. I saw medical reports which included the department he was being transferred to in the hospital.”

He paused for what seemed to “D” like a long time, as though he was having difficultly continuing.

“Arafat was transferred to the AIDS ward in Paris. That’s what the reports said. No one ever reported it.”
Arafat, you actually do make me sick. How old was the boy you got AIDS from?

The Frenchman went on to explain that one of the reasons the family chose France as a destination is because of rigid laws there which keep cause of death guarded in secrecy even posthumously.

So there you have it. It appears that not the Zionist regime, but rather Arafat’s own degenerate and debauched escapades terminated his terrorist career.

Suha, I am so sorry to spoil the party.

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  1. We've known this for 7.5 years. Why is this news today?

  2. BG:

    Unfortunately EI has a history of the stuff if this is true.

    According to the book The Bomb in the Basement, several death cases in Israel during 1957–1969 were caused by 210Po.[70] A leak was discovered at a Weizmann Institute laboratory in 1957. Traces of 210Po were found on the hands of professor Dror Sadeh, a physicist who researched radioactive materials. Medical tests indicated no harm, but the tests did not include bone marrow. Sadeh died from cancer. One of his students died of leukemia, and two colleagues died after a few years, both from cancer. The issue was investigated secretly, and there was never any formal admission that a connection between the leak and the deaths had existed.[71]
    taken from Wikipedia - ISBN ref. is given but not original text.

    Secondly the reactor in D must be a high neutron flux reactor for reasons I am not going into here. Therefore it is conceivable the Po 210 above came from there either intentionally or a waste product

    2. Given that there are these allegations from you and who knows who else that young Yasser was a bum bandit it is highly probable that his family are going to defend him. Po is marvellous because either "the Israelis did it or the Russkies did it or the CIA did it" What is to stop the PA "salting the assays" after pulling his bones out of the dirt ? Russia is free market for all sorts of stuff , corruption an so on. Any Po to be found will be there as with a 138 day half life .... only thing is - the amounts for a lethal dose are tiny.. see the WIkipedia article. Without supervised disinterment it all becomes a crock one way or the other.

    3. It is interesting that Wifie of Tsaddek Yasser was living and shopping all those years in Paris (the money would have been well received by poor palestinians ....) why would she be doing that other than living the high life ? Might be something in it as they say. Not too many willing sheep in Ramallah ...Poor old Yasser : maybe was a goat that got him in the end.

    We will never know the truth though those alleged documents which may be utterly fictitious hearsay... may have been scanned and may well turn up but in a long long time.

    Look up Tim Fidler as industrial Xray in Australia if you want to discuss off list as it were. I can also tell you a funny and true story of a Gordon from the US who tried to ship himself in a box as radio tubes to MElbourne...From Philadelphia. Much more elevating than Yasser's ragged old bones. Go well.


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