Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Words of Encouragement for Eligible Singles

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To All Jewish Singles,

Am sharing with you a letter from an acquaintance announcing his engagement, after a long journey as a bachelor:

Dear friends,It is with great gratitude to The One Above that I announce my engagement to the most special girl to me, my best friend, [name withheld since I didn't ask permission to publish]. The bride is a Baalat Tshuvah [recently become religious] who works as a...
Thanks to all my amazing friends who helped me over the years deal with the pain and loneliness that often comes with being single. And I hope to be able to able to give some strength to those people who are still single, since I had often felt like I had given up hope and was just "going through the motions" of going to singles events, meeting with matchmakers, etc. But singles events CAN work, since that was how I met my bride! I hope everyone out there meets the right person very soon, and for those who are married to continue to appreciate the special someone in your life.
When you invest in the marriage relationship to make it work, it is simply the sweetest of the sweet. I bless all of you who are seeking that it will happen to you lightening-bolt fast, and that you will be able to send out a letter like the one above wishing your friends a Happy Pesach this year!

Coming soon to you! Best of luck!

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