Sunday, December 9, 2012

Young People at 2012 Bet El Dinner in NYC

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Young couples and singles attend the Bet El Gala every December in NYC. We gave the daunting task of photographing "the young and the beautiful" to Ghila Krajzman. Pics below.

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Thank you for coming to stand with Bet El and Israel. Hear the pro-Israel keynote address at the Gala by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.        Like this page on FB!

Send me an email to tell me what picture you are in!

Long time Bet El Activist Mona Schwartz (left)

Rachel Yehaskel on the left

In red is Chani Labowitz (Manhattan) who is a great girl and
activist for Bet El and good causes in general.

Avi Farago on left with come coworkers

Teaneck's Sharon Sebrow (L) with friend. Sharon and husband Zvi are behind-the-scenes organizers of the Gala

Jordanna McMillan and friend from the Israel Allies Foundation.
They arranged for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to speak at the Gala

Elchanan Romanoff (Lawrence, NY) in middle

Mathew Gluck - young friend of Bet El

Two huge young-in-spirit activists: Judy Rosen (L) and Helen Friedman

Shomer Yisrael Awardee Mark Langfan (Manhattan)

Zvi Sebrow - Bet El activist in Teaneck

Bet El Friend (forever young) Shuki Einhorn (R) with Brooklyn friend

A classic shmorg hug - plate in one hand

Gala MC Dr. Avi Bitton

Precision chopsticks expert

Given the choice to go for the shmorg or pause for a picture,
I think he made the right choice

Bet El Friend Chavi Einhorn (R)

Lest we forget - the fresh and young fish!

Keynote Speaker Michele Bachmann with forever-young Rubin Margules (hardcore Israel activist)

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