Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Has the Paper Revolution Reached You?

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At a recent family celebration in Memphis, my Virginian cousin Maurice, a young engineer in his late 20’s, ritually washed his hands before partaking of bread, as per Jewish practice. But in an innovative move not passed down for generations, he wiped his hands dry on his pants.

“Maurice,” I said pointing, “the paper towels are right over there.”

 “I don’t use paper towels in order to save trees,” he replied firmly.

Eligible Jewish bachelor - cousin Maurice
For a date, contact agent: Baruch Gordon
Big players only!

I smiled back, but thought to myself, “Huh? Are you nuts? Dry your hands and let someone else worry about the trees, dude.”

But Maurice’s response left a mark on me. It was so pure and ideologically-driven, I felt that I couldn’t stand idly by and not join his crusade.

Bet El Institutions recently placed paper-recycling bins on campus including one 6 steps away from my desk. After glancing at the new fixture for several weeks, it finally occurred to me: I can bring all the paper from my home and recycle it.

Big white Hebrew letters say: Niyar Bilvad [Paper only]

My family first looked at me as though thinking to themselves, “Huh? Are you nuts? Throw the trash away and let someone else worry about the trees, dude.” But with time, the home recycling bag is filling up quicker.

Here is a cool video which demonstrates exactly how paper is recycled:

When presented in a restroom with the choice of a hand dryer or paper towels, I would always go for the quicker solution: paper. But Maurice’s firm reply has driven this crusader to hot air and even to making my own campaign poster:

I am not on Maurice’s level of a pants towel, but doing the above and thinking twice before I hit the print button are my contributions to the paper revolution. 

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