Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Naftali Bennett - What Do We Do With the Arabs? (Video)

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The Jews of Israel are struggling against the entire world for national liberation and the right to live with freedom and dignity in the whole of our land. In other words, the two-state solution is nothing short of an act of Western imperialism against the indigenous Jewish population which has maintained a presence in Israel for thousands of years.

Proponents of this struggle must face head on the question: what do we do with the large Arab minority (1.65 - 1.8 million) in Judea and Samaria?

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Naftali Bennett, front runner in the new combined Jewish Home - National Union Party, released a video to answer this question. Today, Bennett represents religious-Zionism in Israeli politics.

He offers his interim solution in the video below (write intelligent comments after watching):

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  1. While the overall aim must remain Jewish sovereignty in the entirety of our ancient homeland, Bennett proposes what I hope he views as a workable, temporary solution which includes Arab autonomous regions. While I don't agree with every detail (e.g. contiguous transport for the Arabs), it seems like a great step in the right direction. I like it.

    1. Baruch, is a translation into English available? I would love to know what Bennett said!

    2. Shoshana,

      English subtitles appear. Click twice on the screen while it is playing and it should pop out to full screen, making it easier to read the subtitles. If that doesn't work, click one of the buttons on the bottom right of the screen.


    3. Thank you, Baruch. I approve of Bennett's plan for the same reasons you do.

  2. I was going 2 vote 4 bayit Yuhudi but Mr.Bennett showed his true color when he said that if ordered he would forcibly force Jews out of their homes. I am voting 4 Otzma Leyisrael.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thanks for your superfluous comment. I want to recommend an online class in Hebrew for you, so that when you hear Bennett speak next time, you won't get it backwards.

      In this interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE1FHA9JZAY&feature=share&list=UU4x7LYSzgGH-TMKc9J8pwgQ , he was asked at the 16 minute mark if he would evacuate Jews from their homes, and he said, "My conscience will not let me do that. I can't do it. I would ask my commander to relieve me from such a task."

      You also should learn Hebrew so that when you go vote on Jan 22, you won't by mistake pick the ballot with the Hebrew letter "Daled" (the Arab Balad party).

      Good luck my friend.

    2. Baruch - it is certainly important to learn hebrew but the two comments came from different posters. I speak hebrew and read the hebrew press. Bennet initially said the equivalent of סירוב פקודה. That did him more harm than good and in his own words, he thought about his response over shabbos and changed his position. On might look at that admirably or one might realize that he may be heading to be another flip-flopping politician like Bibi. I watched the video more than once. I don't see it's greatness. There too he pretends to be strong right wing with his talk of annexing the gushey hityashvoote but in essence he is talking about a policy that easily dovetails with Bibi's two state solution (=arab terror state in Yosh). If it doesn't mean evacuating you from Bet El it will surely mean leaving you in an isolated ghetto there between Ramallah and Rawabi. He spoke about arabs travelig freely but i saw nothing that implied that if Talmon and Bet El are still in Jewish hands you will again be able to go between the in 7 minutes rather than the current hour-long detour. Since you are advocating a specific party I too will assert that anyone over the green line that wants to remain in his home and is honest with himself has no choice but vote Otzma L'yisroel and try and convince as many as he can to do the same.

    3. Shalom Mr. Anonymous,

      Listen carefully to Bennett's words after Shabbat. He didn't change his position in the least. I will probably make this the subject of an upcoming blogpost by presenting the video clips to the readers, and let them judge for themselves whether Bennett reneged on his statement that he is not capable of expelling a Jew from his home.


    4. Otzma LeYisrael is the only answer. Doesn't Bennet realize that agreeing to 'only' Area C will not satisfy the Arabs and absolutely contradicts our legal, historic and moral rights to our land?

  3. Sad he draws so fast. Quick doesn't guarantee correct or truth. Sad also that Rabbi Kahanas solution recieves no respect. For what the Arabs have done to their Jewish citizens, they threw nearly a million Jews out of their countries in 1948 and confiscated Jewish homes & buisnesses. Remember that. We owe them the return favor of their million muslim refugees with interest. Any less invites more fifth column violence. Peace and sovereignty are not a multiple choice question.

    1. I think that Rabbi Kahane's solution has gained much respect in Israel since Oslo began. However, we are in a slow developmental process towards redemption. As our Rabbis say, just as it is a mitzvah to say something that is "nishma" (well received and understood), so too is it a mitzvah to refrain from stating something that will not be hearkened to."

      Let's take it one step at a time, so that our fellow Jews can digest it. Does that make sense?

    2. Baruch! We do not have much time. We need to unite and stand up as one front. Just have a look at today's Arutz 7 article : "Morsi Aide: Israel Will Cease to Exist Within Decade" http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/163789#.UOPWX3fheSo

      Meir M. Yerushalayim

  4. No Baruch,it doesn't resonate with me. Like some foods which are beneficial not for how they taste but for what they remove.I.e. Cilentro has the property for removing lead from bloodstream. Its measurable in urine after consumption. I would not term the expulsions of Jews in Israel by other Jews as a "slow developement process". They are in my view deadly reversals which at some level anger Hashem. Where do you procure your Mitzva priorities from?

  5. The Torah is very clear on this matter - The laws of warfare in Sefer Devarim.

    OFFERING PEACE BEFORE WAR. (20:10...) "When you approach a city TO WAGE WAR AGAINST IT, you shall PROCLAIM PEACE TO IT." This mitzva is aimed at promoting the victory of the Israelite army without any cost in blood. BUT if the enemy does not accept the peace proclamation and become "a tribute to you" and serve you" ( they have to surrender peacefully and accept the seven Noahide laws) THEN "you shall besiege" them..."and you shall SMITE all its males...".

    Meir M. Yerushalayim

  6. out of context

    that verse refers to wars beyond israel's borders

    nice try though

    1. Well, everything is relative (except the Torah). The world claims it is beyond Israel's boarders. But you can learn kall ve'chumra. If outside the boarders, then even more so within our boarders.

      Meir M. Yerushalayim

  7. israel must annex all of yesha. to only annex part of it implies a surrender of the the rest. israel could annex all of yesha and leave the status of arabs living in B and C "pending". meanwhile, israel has affirmed the torah and shown the the world that this our ancient, eternal, sacred, historic, legal, rightful land.

    1. Brilliant addition to Bennett's stability plan. Annex all of yesha, and make the two Arab areas semi-autonomous.

      That would make it easier for Israel to address several additional issues:

      1. Establish clear boundaries for all of Israel on all maps.
      2. Ability to stop the teaching of hatred in Arab schools.
      3. Encourage teaching of Hebrew throughout Arab areas so the next generation will grow up with the tools to interact commercially with all Israelis.
      4. Offer a pathway to full citizenship for Arabs in the autonomous areas, similar to how citizenship is earned in the US (pass a test on knowledge of American history, government, language skills, etc.)so that eventually these areas become more integrated into Israel.

    2. I think you missed one of the points: total annexation would create a pathway for 1.8 million Arabs to demand Israeli citizenship (by your own admission in point 4). This would be a huge demographic problem for Israel. Bennett suggests partial annexation since it creates a liveable situation for Israel without any mass transfer of populations, which he feels (some would agree) Israel does not have the ability to execute right now.

    3. Point #4 not comparable. Illegal Mexican immigrants aren't rebeling to overthrow US goverment or rock throwing violent as Arabs in Y'osh. There is zero probability to integrate arabs as civil civilians. Mass transfers of population occured after ww2 in europe for good reason, because lots of blood was shed on their account.

    4. I believe Israel should annex *all* of Judea and Samaria. I agree with the poster who said that annexing only Area C sends the message that Israel isn't sure that Areas A and B are really hers. As for any demand for Israeli citizenship from the Arabs there, they have no right to demand anything. And demands can be rejected. Any Arabs, and their descendants, who entered the land after 1948 should be denied Israeli citizenship. They are Jordanians. They don't have formal Jordanian citizenship? Not Israel's problem. They can be resident aliens.

  8. This is a rare- someone who goes beyond criticism of others and proposes a solution. This one makes more sense that any others I've heard which are which seem to be

    1) Continue negotiations for a two state solution, negotiate with Abbas while he is still in charge and then face Hamas on Gaza and Palestine.

    (Probably will not happen, and dangerous if it does, as after it is done Abbas will take charge, Negotiations should include Hamas but would not)

    2) Two states peace is possible, still believing that concessions bring peace.

    (Dangerous, naive and possibly lethal- another Aza)

    3) Focus on getting support from the world and everything else will work out (no specifics).

    Silly, not really s strategy. World opinion should be modified by us but NOT via concessions. Muslim countries invest millions. e.g. Bahrain that kills it's own people and does not recognizes Israel hired 10 PR firms last year including Tony Blairs chief of staff and as a result keep what it does not want known off the radar. Israel has 5 people dedicated to PR, up from 3 last year, no out of country assistance or consideration of impact of announced policies. (Was it a great idea to publicize building in E1 three years before doing anything? to threaten and not do? Most pictures of Israelis in news show soldiers)

    4) Be realistic and continue status quo ( most likely possibility) notwithstanding world pressure (somehow)

    Most likely but PR will make this possible without last minute concessions

    5) Recognize that what is proposed here ( which does not exterminate Arabs) is not feasible at this time (given world opinion; it is a goal

    This could be feasible, if world opinion were shifted

  9. Bennett`s proposal is the best option for the time being and the near future. It is not perfect but it is the easiest politically and militarily, and insures Israel`s security better than the current situation. It will also pave the way for more building in Area C. As Bennett said, the world does not recognize Israel control over east Jerusalem and Golan, so why not add area C to the list? If the world boycotts more so what? Which is more important? A few extra dollars from exports or security in the land that G-d has given the Jews?

  10. Dear friend Baruch,
    before you jump on the shaky wagon of autonomous arab regions,please take a look at the Serbians and their problems because of these autonomous entities,and Kosovo is just the most outstanding,since in no other parts of the former Yugoslavia is any question of unity because there were no regions with the possibility of being other than the country.It is rather hard to backtrack on autonomy once it was obtained.May be self managing instead of autonomous would be better to aim for as self management can be terminated if it does not work....and no autonomy will be lost really as a badly managed entity is still jewish and not arab.This is from an outsider's point only,but you jews need your house in better oder or it will burn down around your ears soon as the arabs are suggesting....

    1. Huh? Me - jump on the wagon of autonomous Arab regions? No way Hosea. I was at the October 28, 1991 demonstration in Tel Aviv against the Shamir gov't which was about to send representatives to Madrid to negotiate Arab autonomy.

      I opposed this and still oppose this. But 22 years have passed since then, and misled governments of Israel established Arab autonomous regions, imported tens of thousands of soldiers from Tunis, and GAVE THEM GUNS to create an atmosphere which would promote peace (I'm not kidding).

      So now that we have Arab autonomous regions existing already since 1995, Bennett is coming along and saying let's keep the status quo because to change it is at best a mini-war. But let's show ourselves and the world that we consider the entire region ours by annexing Area C. It's a step forward. It's not accepting autonomy. It's keeping the status quo regarding the autonomous regions. Do you get that?

  11. Bennet's plan is dangerous

    the removal of checkpoints will allow the terrorists to set up networks as well as to manufacture and transport rockets.
    we will have a 3rd south Lebanon on our hands.

  12. It seems that giving the Arabs any MORE autonomy then they have right now is a step in the wrong direction that will be very hard to return from. What is Bennet's suggestion for afterwards, when we are left with an Arab region inside Eretz Yisrael that we have even less control over than before? And in the meantime, will Jews be allowed to settle in this new Arab area? Or is Bennett also limiting Jewish Settlement?
    I think it would be best to combine Bennet's and Feiglin's ideas for the next few years - this way Israel will spread national law throughout Yehuda and Shomron, and the number of Arabs in our land will decrease dramatically.

  13. I suggest that every area should be annexed at one time. There's going to be an outcry from all sides, so why not deal with it once and be done with it? This piecemeal approach just invites more meddling by U.S. administrations who get all panicky because Bibi approves some housing permits.

    Git'er done. Should've happened when the Golan was annexed and it would be ancient history now.

    Whoever it was that suggested an Arab buyout has got it right. It's much less expensive in the long-haul than this continuingggg drama with the P.A.

    Follow the "Joshua" annexation plan, "Go in peace, stay in peace, or fight. We prefer the first option, but we will accept the others if need be."

  14. The annexation of area C, as opposed to annexation of areas A, B, and C, makes sense only as a preliminary, trial version of Dr. Martin Sherman's plan (Arab resettlement with compensation). Under no circumstances the Arabs of area C should be offered citizenship. Rather, they should be offered a generous relocation subsidy to induce immigration. If such approach works in area C, it then can be implemented in areas B and A.

  15. Before you demand a solution "what is to be done with the arabs":Maybee you should carefully conclude what you plan to do with the Jews. Tensions between the secular, charedi & settlers have always been on the slow boil. Many years have past since I heard Israels interior minister Gideon Hausner make the sinister remark."Once we take care of the external threat, we will deal with the interior one".He didn't like Rabbi much weilding political power. How could an Israeli speak in such ominous terms about a generation still haunted by the Holocaust?Yet we must consider a politicial void of Torah to be suspected of spilling blood. Should the arabs wake one day and want to be free of their hateful Koran and its antisemetic dictates we will then still face that other implacable enemy, our fellow Jew.

  16. Arab Israelis should assimilate. Mindanao Muslims did precisely that (although the nations are too busy being torn to shreds to acknowledge): accepting "Peace" thereby preserving The Philippines as a burgeoning maritime Tigress nation (which historically included Indonesia and East Timor, etc.). As it stands, or, rather, wades, the archipelago is comprised of 7,107 islands with many hyphenations to its multifaceted community identity. It would be silly to impose a "2-state solution" upon Filipinim. To reiterate: Plishtim are largely Jewish genetically, based on DNA studies, as well as Taliban. Begin the process of re-acclimation by promoting that genealogical fact and disseminate proper invitations for sincere converts to study seriously and with utmost sobriety: "clear the stones out of the path of those who sin and those who are confused. If they persist, however, bombard them with knowledge." ~ D²

  17. As an external observer for 40 years, thou I was much in Israel in the 70-80's, I clearly see what must be done :)

    Make Netanyahu stop talking about any 2-state solution - it only makes him look stupid to the world. Arafat got control over area A, B against promise to stop terror and hate incitement otherwise not! Emphasize that time after another! But moving those arabs is impossible. After all, 96% of the West Bank arabs already lived there before Oslo, they have not moved.

    Annex C immediately of course.

    Also emphasize the danger of letting any Arabs on to the Judean mountains - it would give them a brilliant view over Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport and be the intro to the next Holocaust. Not even Ashton nor Obama knows that.

    Barak, Nasrallah and Achmedinejad all want the Jews in a ghetto around Tel Aviv. Don't make them happy - the Jews must spread out as much as possible.

    Bennett should not talk about the water, in 10 years Israel is desalinatina all the drinking water. Let the arabs dig but force them to clean the wasting water and not over-dig like in Gaza!

    Arabs in C - first annex, then let them choose. Be like in Jerusalem or help them move. Make sure there are NO "unknown" arab-owned land left there for the Peace Now to discover! Buy it up if necessary, and completely dismiss the old Sassoon idiocy. have a deadlin on the ownership - if it has been a secret since Oslo, let it remain a secret forever.

    More secret talk with Jordan. Help them with security against palestinian arabs, help them get more arable land with Israeli methods so more palestinian arabs would want to move there. Soon they want to buy gas from Israel and get help to exploit their oil shale.

  18. Jews worldwide need to care a whole lot more about Israel than they do now. In fact, we need thousands - indeed, millions - of Jews to move here. What good are expanded borders if we don't have dedicated Jews ready to settle the Land? In 1967, we didn't have the faith or the manpower to settle our liberated territories, so the Arabs became entrenched. "What to do about the Arabs?" G-d has given us the solution in Torah, Parasha Mishpatim, seventh aliyah, verse 30. As we settle the Land, He will take care of our enemies! But, where are the Jews? In the Diaspora, "fat, dumb, and happy." A much more important question than "What to do about the Arabs?" should be, "What to do about the Jews who just DON'T CARE??"

    1. excellent citation of mishpatim, yasher koach

  19. my concern with bennett here is that by annexing only jewish areas of yesha we are defacto releasing our desire to annex all of our land. even if we have intentions to annex more later, given the current climate, the arabs could go for annexing "a" and "b" if we annex "c".
    as you well know,all of yesha is our sacred, eternal, ancestral, legal, rightful land. we must annex all of it immediately. the status of arabs living there can simply be "pending"...at least we will have completed a great mitzvah to annex this torah land.

  20. This really is rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic. Bennet's plan does not reduce even by one the number of Arab terrorists between the River Jordan and the sea, it does nothing to reduce the flow of weapons into Judea & Samaria, it gives up on Gaza entirely, it gives 48,000 Arabs Israeli citizenship - i.e. an extra 48,000 terrorists who will have full access to all Israel without security checks.

    It's a clever way to fiddle the numbers, but that's all.

    Bennet's plan involves drawing a few lines on the map, which will have negligible effect on the situation in reality and zero effect on international diplomacy, because no country in the world (except perhaps Micronesia) will recognise it.

    How about the following plan: Place the IDF along the River Jordan, and announce that as of this moment, the borders are open in one direction only - west to east. Countless opinion polls, from left, right, & centre, from Jewish & Arab researchers, show a clear majority of Arabs in Judea, Samaria, & Gaza, and a large minority of Israeli Arabs, who want to leave Israeli control and go back to their Arab brethren in trans-Jordan. This plan gives them the freedom to do so, without coercion.

    For sure, this entails the threat of violent conflict against the Kingdom of Jordan. That is the inevitable quid pro quo of Jordan's periodical threats of war against Israel if we do not accept their dictates.

    Those Arabs who want to cross the River Jordan will be free to do so. The IDF, posted along the river, will have their guns pointing at Jordanian soldiers, protecting the "Palestinians" from Jordanian bullets. (Think how good that will look for Israel's image in the international media!)

    This will inevitably be a self-sustaining cycle: the more Arabs who leave western Israel for trans-Jordan, the more attractive the option will become. Within a couple of years, every Arab this side of the Jordan will have relatives in trans-Jordan with whom he can start to build his new future.

    Eventually, the flow of Arabs will become sufficient for Jordan to become a Palestinian state. International recognition of trans-Jordan as the de facto and later de jure Palestinian state will depend upon Israeli recognition.

    Israel, therefore, makes its recognition contingent upon "Palestine" passing their own "Law of Return" - i.e. that every "Palestinian" has the right to immediate citizenship in "Palestine". This, of course, will give the answer to the perenniel question of "Where can the Arabs of Israel go?" They will then have their own homeland, which will be legally obligated to welcome them. Then there will no longer be any "Palestinian" refugees, just as once Israel became independent there wer no longer any Jewish refugees anywhere in the world.

    When that happens, Israel will be able to expel any hostile Arabs (convicted terrorists, convicted traitors, etc.) into their own homeland of "Palestine".

    Part of thebeauty of this plan is that it involves no Israeli hostility whatsoever towards the "Palestinians"; they, after all, will be guaranteed safe passage by the Israeli Army. (Maybe even offered a cash incentive to start up their new lives there, which we can then advertise as our foreign aid to Jordan in we feel that is necessary.) Our sole [veiled] threat will be directed towards Jordan, a country which no one in the world cares about anyway.

    Will this work? - Well, certainly to some extent. It might reduce the number of Arabs in Israel (both the State and Judea, Samaria & Gaza) by several thousand families, maybe tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, maybe ultimately by three million Arabs or more. This would definitely reduce the conflict within Israel.

    But even if it only succeeds by a tiny fraction, it will still be a contribution (however small) to strengethening Israel.

  21. The land from the Euphrates to the River of Egypt belongs to us (see TORAH, Abraham at the covenant between the parts)we should be conquering and annexing all of that land, ignimineously ejecting the Arabs, taking their property and rebuilding the cities in our newly liberated land to suit our image.

  22. B"H
    If this were a terrirorial issue, it may be a solution, however the reality (which is internationally recognised) is that it's a war of Arabs, Muslims and anti-semites everywhere against Jews everywhere, the Arabs here are just their messengers and shock troops.Therefore this isn't a solution, being that it doesn't address the real issue. The real solution, is Jewish power and resolve. Unfortuanately it hasnt been tried and except for Otzma, none of the politicians will even give it a chance. If we looked to the Torah as our guide (ki hi chochmaschem ubinaschem b'einei hagoyim), we would learn from Shulchan Oruch, Orach Chayim shin chaf Tet, that the way to be secure is not to make compromises, it is to be strong and therefore have deterrence. No nation in history ever saved itself from implacable enemies by buying them off, history is full of cases of nations which compromised, thereby showing their weakness, and were then plundered. (haya lo tihyeh).
    This experiment is a very very dangerous mistake. Especially as it will not be allowed to be reversed once put into effect.
    And as the Arabs, Europe, England and the rest of the world will continue to scream and pressure Israel, this would just be one more give-away/compromise in the inexorable march into the sea. Begin, Rabin, Sharon etc didn't intend to give away more than they did, but each gave away another area. It seems that Mr Bennet cannot wait to join this dishonourable phenomenon of Politicians who give away parts of their land to an insatiable bloodthirsty enemy.
    Learn from History or be History.
    Only Ben-Ari is the only one for a strong united Israel.

  23. Israel should stop being weak on this question. Bennet does not offer a viable solution to the current Arab terror. Now is not the time to 'talk European' or to 'talk Obama'.
    All of Judea and Shomron should be immediately annexed; we have the legal and historic (as well as moral) right to do so. Arab inhabitants can receive identity cards as residents - not citizens - and can apply for citizenship if desired. All citizens of Israel, including new applicants, should indicate their loyalty to the state as the homeland of the Jewish people and renounce terror against our people.
    Any acts against the state should negate their identify card and result in one-way passage out. Those Arabs voluntarily wishing to be reunited with their families in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere can be given a one-way ticket.
    Amidst all the weak voices out there, only Otzma LeYisrael is talking with any reality about the situation. Now is the time before it is too late!

  24. It's unlawfull to give residency to Arabs in Jerusalem. Foreigners and Jews making alhia have to ask for same treatment as Arabs in Jerusalem who don't have Israeli citizenship but have rights like any israeli Jews, it's racism against Jew.

  25. The first order of business is to revise Israeli voting eligibility laws. If Israel is to remain the Jewish State it naturally follows that only Jews be allowed to vote. Before the liberals jump all over this because non-Jews were also born here let me present the following list of countries that DO NOT award citizenship based on the concept of ” jus soli ” which means born on their soil-

    Czech Republic
    Rep. of Korea
    Saudi Arabia

    Once the Jews no longer are willing to suffer being ruled over by those that hate them and wish to destroy the only Jewish State in the world we can debate all other issues.


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