Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Israel Beer and Wine Festivals in January 2013

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If you're in Israel now, don't miss the Beers 2013 festival taking place today and tomorrow (January 8-9, 2013) at the Nokia Stadium in Tel Aviv.

Good even on a rainy day like today

Just as Israeli wineries started a revolution just over a decade ago producing wines that are winning international competitions, so too, the Israel brewery revolution is now at its beginning stages. Click here for more info. 60 NIS entry gets you a beer mug and 5 tastes. Buy 5 more tastes for 30 NIS.

Regular beers are kosher, but the flavored ones may need a hechsher (Kashrut supervision).

And since we mentioned wine, make a note on your calendar to attend the Israel Kosher Wine Festival on January 28-30, 2013 at Binyanei Hauma, AKA the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

Here's a video from last year's exhibition:

Eli Poch, who appears in the above video, is a big Israel wine enthusiast and facilitator. Join his Facebook Jerusalem Wine Club. Then you can brag to your friends, "Sure, I belong to the Jerusalem Wine Club." Moreover, if you become a paying member of the Jerusalem Wine Club, you'll get a discount on entry to the festival and get on-site tours with Eli. He knows the insides and outs of just about every single winery in Israel. Contact Eli here.

The 2013 exhibition will showcase wine from Israel and overseas. Called "Wine Seven Two +972," this will be its second consecutive year. See you there.

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