Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Jewish Town Had Highest Voter Turnout in Jan. 2013 Elections?

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What Jewish town had the highest voter turnout in Israel's January 2013 elections? Or asked differently, what town's population gives a damn about what happens in the State of Israel more than any other, and was most motivated to influence the national course of events by bothering to vote? 

The Jewish town with the highest voter turnout in the January 2013 Israel elections was Bet El, located  just north of Jerusalem. 

The Avraham Ohavi Synagogue in Bet El
Eighty-six percent of Bet El residents went to polling stations to make their voices count.

In comparison, voter turnout in Jerusalem was 61.6%, Tel Aviv 59%, Bnei Brak 72.4%, and Um El Fahm (Arab town in Galilee) 59%. The overall national voter turnout was 66.6%.

In Tel Aviv, the party which won the most votes was Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid (20.73%).  In Jerusalem, the party which won the most votes was the religious-hareidi Yahadut HaTorah (22%).

In another important statistic, the IDF recently announced that Bet El has the highest percentage of draftees who join combat units – also 86%!

Future combat soldiers in Bet El

The families of Bet El are rock solid! Bet El is also home to the renowned Bet El Institutions and the IDF Preparatory Academy which educate their students to national responsibility and readiness to sacrifice for the Jewish People.

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